pictured above FLB23plus

Guaranteed to last longer than any other forklift brush unit, a heavy duty fully reinforced unit designed for the demanding industrial yards of the UK.

Following on from the our customers disappointments with low quality forklift attachment sweepers we have developed our very own heavy duty brush sweeper. From our diverse design and fabrication teams we’ve produced a reinforced heavy duty, cost effective unit that can last the test of time whilst taking the day to day abuse of an industrial yard sweeper.

Manufactured to order in the UK & available in 3 sizes as standard in either basic or ‘plus’ models; from the 2.3mtr Maxi to the smaller-scale 1.5mtr Mini, we can provide the perfect solution for clearing most large yards of waste, scrap and heavy debris.

Visit our Youtube video to see a quick demo

Utilizing our interchangeable brush cartridges; these units use only the best in a diverse choice of heavy duty filaments and combinations to be the most hard wearing and effective brush sweeper on the market, with replacement cartridges available.

Please contact our sales team for further spec’s and bulk discounts or for a more bespoke unit.