Horsehair is a durable and resilient medium to high cost material, and is ideal for use in brushes for cleaning smooth floors and windows, and in cobweb brushes. It is also used in high quality equestrian brushes. The best horsehair is from the tail. Tail hair is stiffer than mane hair, its soft to slightly stiff texture gives a scratch-free dry cleaning and has very good durability. Not resistant to acids or alkalis.

Ideal for buffing, cleaning, dusting, and finishing in a variety of bristle brush styles: floor sweeps, shoe shine brushes, tin handle acid brushes, counter dusters, and window brushes, excellent for ESD (electrostatic discharge) applications. Heat distortion temperature is 190ºC


Relatively scarce and expensive. This material has characteristics that set it apart as the best natural filling material for a wide variety of bristle brushes. Each strand of bristle has a natural taper from the butt or flesh end to the tip, giving it resilience not found in other hairs. In addition, the tip end of each bristle is naturally split into two or more branches called the flag. Hog bristle has a slightly stiff to very stiff texture and is brown or black in colour excellent for ESD applications. It has excellent durability and water resistance

Pig Hair (Chunking)

Chunking is a premium quality Pig Bristle that comes from China. For fine brushes bristle is taken from the neck of the pig, and for paint brushes it is taken from the animal’s flank. Pig Bristle is characterised by its stiffness and elasticity, and is available generally in cream, black and grey, but can be dyed any colour.


The hair is clipped from the breast of the goat, where soft and springy hair is found. The hair is then washed and combed. It is durable, resilient and very soft. It is almost exclusively used in high quality equestrian brushes for bringing the final gloss to horses’ coats and for computer keyboard cleaning brushes.

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This week Widdops Brush took delivery of a new Excel turret milling machine, further investing in our keyway machining capabilities. A large portion of the brushes we provide are on rollers for numerous uses and this expands our capacity in being able to machine these shafts with customer specified milled keyway slots prior to covering…

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