A cost effective brush material with good bend recovery, high temperature stability and abrasion resistance. Due to its high absorption level, Nylon 6 tends to feel softer in wet conditions and can be used in boiling water.

Available in Black, White or Transparent from 0.10mm diameter up to 3mm and can be produced with anti-static or conductive additives.


Medium priced Nylon with a higher stiffness, recovery and abrasion resistance than type 6. Can be used in high temperatures up to 150ºC

Available in Black, White or Transparent from 0.10mm up to 1.50mm diameters.

NYLON 6:12

Highest grade Nylon with a low water absorption for rot and mildew resistance, discouraging bacterial growth. As such type 6.12 bristles are FDA approved and widely used in medical brushes, pharmaceuticals and food preparation.

Available in Black, White or Transparent from 0.075mm up to 0.30mm filament diameter.


A hard wearing, highly abrasive nylon filament impregnated with silicone carbide particles. This gives each bristle a high abrasive action not only on the tip but on all lateral surfaces of the full filament length.

Ideal for deburring or surface finishing.


A versatile low cost filament with little moisture or odor absorption whilst also being one of the most chemically resistant synthetic filaments inert to most solvents, oils and acids.


Available in straight or crimped form, PBT is a medium-priced filament, it is an cost effective alternative to Nylon 6:12. Its features of toughness and high temperature resistance resembles those of Nylon, but Polyester is noted for its ability to recover without whip or slapping action and its resistance to all acids, alkalis, alcohols, gasoline, benzene and most cleaning solvents.

With its excellent wearing and sweeping qualities, and a negligible water absorption rate, Polyester PBT has a negligible loss of rigidity when used in wet conditions whilst also resisting mildew, bacteria and fungus growth.

Available in Red or Blue, other colours can be sourced on special request.


A softer feel to standard nylon and available in a wide range of colours.


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